Beat the Rain and Prep Your Home for Winter


Even though we don’t get hit too hard over here on the Sunshine Coast, it is better to be prepared for winter than have it sneak up on you. Especially if you are  planning to travel or leave your home for days or weeks at a time, it is wise to do some general maintenance and get your home in shape for cooler, wetter weather.

“Looking after your roof is the number one priority,” says Kai Jenkins, President and Owner at Jenkins Construction. “Because of our rainy winters here on the Coast, it’s essential to make sure roofs are in good condition. Getting your roof checked every year or two helps avoid any surprise repairs.” After the roof is looked after, rainwater management continues down the side of the house. Make sure downspouts are working properly to avoid water damage and erosion. Gutters should be cleared at the beginning of winter and periodically throughout to avoid build-up of leaves and debris. Alternatively, “leaf guard” systems are a great way to reduce gutter maintenance. “Your roof is also your main protection from the snow, if we get any this year,” says Jenkins. “It’s worth having a team like Tantalus Roofing installing it right.”

Heating systems should be up to speed for the demands of colder months. Have your gas or wood fireplace, heaters and furnace checked annually. “Hiring a professional like Alain at Damsgaard Plumbing & Heating can save you a lot of money down the road,” advises Jenkins. With a wood fireplace ensure chimney’s are swept regularly.

For recreational property owners and snowbirds, security and smart home features can positively affect your insurance rates and also offer peace of mind when you are away from home. “Automatic water shut offs are a great feature we are installing in a lot of newer homes,” says Jenkins. “Sensors detect moisture in the kitchen, bathroom or mechanical room and shut off water supply so your house won’t flood. Another great smart home feature is being able to turn your heat and lights on from the Horseshoe Bay ferry so the house is warm and welcoming when you pull into the driveaway.”

There is nothing better than being cozied up in your home while winter weather blows at your (well insulated) windows. Our best advice is to prepare yourself early, engage experts if needed and ensure your home is ready for those winter months. Putting the preparation work in early saves you time, energy and money while giving you a warm, relaxing place to curl up and enjoy the winter.

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