About Us

Our team of skilled, passionate and hardworking construction tradesmen deliver unrivalled service, value, efficiency and quality.


Since 2014 we’ve built top quality, custom homes and developments bringing new design ideas to the Coast. Contemporary, modern designs paired with best practise sustainable technology and experience working with the coastal landscape makes us the experts.

Founded at home on BC’s Sunshine Coast, Jenkins Construction works collaboratively with customers from the development of raw land to a finished project. We are driven by production, quality, and value throughout the complete process. We see success through strong relationships with our network of customers, staff, expert trades and suppliers. Our focus is to grow our business naturally, providing opportunity for our staff and excellent service to our community. 


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Kai Jenkins, President/Owner/Construction Manager

Kai is the project visionary behind Jenkins Construction. He has a sense for the potential of each project, visualizing the development of a project and the seeing it through to the end. With over 12 years experience as a Red Seal Journeyman Carpenter he manages customer relations and oversees all projects, bringing his creativity, experience and keen understanding of Sunshine Coast land to each and every project.  


Christopher Hicks, Project Supervisor

Chris brings an extensive background in carpentry to Jenkins Construction. He grew up on job sites and put himself through a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources Management working construction in the summers. From foundations to framing, quality and efficiency are Chris’ focus. His commitment to projects has given the Jenkins crews a new level of dedication, efficiency and work ethic.

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Kristin Jenkins, Bookkeeper and Operations Manager

Kristin specializes in the behind the scenes process of creating beautiful homes. Managing the office and working with the crews, she operates the daily jigsaw puzzle of numbers and staff, ensuring all sites are managed effectively and all customers are well looked after.


Jack Peters, Foreman

Jenkins’ longest standing foreman, Jack has been with the company for 4 years and with Kai for even longer. His background in custom residential homes, training as a journeyman carpenter and incredible attention to detail, especially fine timber work, make him a valuable member of the team.   



Roger Altenburg, Foreman

Roger brings his extensive background in concrete and journeyman carpenter red seal to his role at Jenkins. He’s been with the team for almost 4 years as a concrete foreman working closely with other trades to ensure every project is placed, finished and protected.


Graydon Benner, Foreman

With Jenkins for 2 years, Graydon is an efficient, knowledgeable member of our team. His strong background in concrete makes him an excellent part of custom residential and unique projects.